Your Grand Chapter and Committee on Capitular Education is pleased to introduce an educational system to enrich your Capitular learning experience. C.A.R.E., Capitular Academy of Research and Education has developed a four-part program to educate and give members a more thorough knowledge and understanding of the teachings of Capitular Masonry. 

PA Capitular Master Jewel

Members who enroll will be introduced to the history of the Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania followed by an in-depth examination of the Capitular Degrees. At each level members will be provided with educational material to enhance their knowledge and prepare them to test their understanding. 

After successfully passing all levels of the program, members will receive the certificate and jewel of completion and earn the title of Capitular Master. Grand Chapter is excited to offer this program to help dispense further Masonic light and knowledge to its membership and looks forward to your participation. 

Sincerely & Fraternally, 

Michael W. Klinger 

Most Excellent Grand High Priest

To access this program, you must be a member of the Royal Arch and be logged in to this website.