Photos April 2023

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Official Visit To Shekinah Chapter No. 182

On April 27th, the MEGHP and Grand King made an Official Visit To Shekinah Chapter No. 182. Mount Horeb Council No. 34 R.S.M.M. met immediately following, and the Most Puissant Grand Master,
Most Puissant Companion Richard W. Fesler, Jr. and his officers were also in attendance for that meeting.
Thanks to all for the hospitality shown to all of the Grand Officers this evening!
No photo description available.

St. Clair Chapter No. 300

On April 26th, The MEGHP made an Official Visit to St. Clair Chapter No. 300 in Pittsburgh.
In that first picture, you can see that the MEGHP has been practicing his ninja skills. You can’t even see him in the picture! LOL
(he was the guy behind the camera, taking photos)
Thanks to all who attended for a fine meeting!

Valley of Pittsburg Reunion

Allegheny Chapter No. 217

On April 18th, The MEGHP made an Official Visit to Allegheny Chapter No. 217 in Wexford, PA.
Yet another great meeting spreading the excitement of Royal Arch Masonry around the State!
Thank you, Companions!

Harmony Chapter No. 52 in Bristol, PA.

On April 18th, The MEGHP made an official visit to Harmony Chapter No. 52 in Bristol, PA.

This building is unique, in that the Chapter has been continuously meeting in the same building since its Chartering in 1794! The first Grand Lodge building on Chestnut Street burned down in 1819, the windows from that building were transported to Bristol and installed in their Lodge building, and remain there to this day.

The Chapter made a Donation to the RMD House Charities, there was a wonderful meal and a great program for the evening.

Thank you again for hosting the Grand Officers!

Temple RAC Visit Apr 6 2023

On April 6th, 2023, the MEGHP made an official Visit to Temple Chapter No. 215 in Erie, PA.
Thanks for the great meeting and the hospitality, Companions!

District 7 One Day Class

On April 1st, the 7th Capitular District held a one-day class at Northumberland Chapter in Sunbury, where 19 new Capitular Masons got their Degrees!

Congratulations to the Degree teams on a job well done!

To our new members, WELCOME!