Photos Oct 2023

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Siegfried No. 295 Visit – Oct 17, 2023
On October 17th, the MEGHP and other Grand Officers made an Official Visit to Siegfried Chapter No. 295. That evening, the MEGHP conferred the Royal Arch Degree on 4 new Royal Arch Masons!
Congratulations to the degree team for a job well done, and congratulations to our newly Exalted Royal Arch Masons!
Catasaqua RAC 278    Oct 16, 2023
On October 16th, the MEGHP and his party visited Catasaqua Chapter No. 278.
Thanks for the wonderful meeting, Companions!
At the October 16, 2023, Stated Meeting of Catasaqua Chapter No. 278, Comp. Harry J. Beers was presented with his C.A.R.E competition certificate and jewel by Comp. Jerome J. Phillips, member of the C.A.R.E. Committee and Grand Persivant. Comp. Jerome was assisted by M.E. Comp. Jason F. Craig, MEGHP and Comp. Brad R. Steigerwalt, DDGHP.
Congratulations Comp. Harry!
Want to know more about the C.A.R.E program? Click on this link:

At the Stated Meeting of Catasaqua Chapter held on Oct 16th, 2023, DDGHP Brad R. Steigerwalt presented Comp. William M. Mason, III. with his 50-year service award. The DDGHP was assisted by the MEGHP in presenting Comp. Bill with his pin and certificate.
Congratulations on achieving this milestone!

Chester No. 258 Oct 11, 2023
On October 11th, the MEGHP and Grand Scribe made an Official Visit to Chester Chapter No. 258.
Thank you for the hospitality Companions, and the great meeting!
St. John’s No.171  Oct 5, 2023
On October 5th, the MEGHP was scheduled to make a visit to St. John’s Chapter no. 171 in Carlisle. He fell ill with a cold, and was unable to make the meeting that night. So, the Companions present had to make due with the Grand King and Grand Scribe visiting on his behalf.
St. John’s Chapter also happens to be the home Chapter of Most Puissant Companion Richard W. Fesler, Jr. M.P. Grand Master of Royal and Select Master Masons of PA, who was present with other Grand Council officers.
Thanks for the hospitality, Companions! It was a wonderful evening!

At the meeting of St. John’s Chapter No. 171 on October 5th, DGGHP Michael G. Oyler presented Companion James R. Humer Jr. with his 50-year service award.
Comp. Oyler was assisted by M.E. Comp. Eric C. Stahley, Grand King.
Congratulations Comp Humer!
At the October 5th meeting of St. John’s Chapter No. 171, MEHP J. David McKibben presented Comp. Jeffrey R. Miller with his Past High Priest’s jewel. Comp. Miller served his Chapter as High Priest in 2022.
Congratulations, Comp Miller, and many thanks for the job well done!