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  1. If Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania wants the annual report done by the respective chapters, they need to make certain the forms are available so they can be filled out on the computer and then mailed by post office to the Grand Chapter. Northumberland Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania can hardly mail any form out with important information if the forms are no longer available. Would you prefer letters instead of forms with payments? This site has nothing located for the Secretaries of the Chapters in regards to forms. from a P.D.D.G.H.P., Secretary of No. 174

  2. Great new website. Nice job to everyone who designed it. I need to change my Chapter info. I didn’t see a email to the webmaster, so I thought I just the leave the info here.



    Philadelphia change to Warminster


    1st Tue(a) change to 4th Wednesday

    7:30 PM Change to 7:00 PM

    Masonic Hall 8425 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia 19118

    Change to: Masonic Village at Warminster
    850 N. Norristown Road
    Warminster, PA 18974

    Thank you in advance

  3. A few companions have commented to me that the Grand Chapter website has changed ; their comments on this have been positive .
    Regis A. Stetar , MEHP
    Temple Royal Arch Chapter No. 215
    Erie , PA.

  4. Was interested to find research papers published on HRAC.
    Member of HOLY ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER St John the Baptist No. 3; Dehra Dun; India.

  5. Greetings, Companions!!! Truly hoping your voyage thru Virusville has been relatively uneventful and all have family, sense of humor, sanity and health intact. And I’m certainly looking forward to renewing our fraternal connections…… and speaking of connection, if anyone can provide me with email or phone info for Gene Porter/ Bill Glassmire/Mike McKee I would be ever so grateful, cannot find the info on this website. Best regards, Charles Pyatt, King, Abington 245

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