Photos Feb 2023

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Connellsville Chapter No. 283

On Feb 28th, MEGHP Jason F. Craig made an Official Visit to Connellsville Chapter No. 283. The MEGHP was accompanied by Comp. Randall D. Frye, DDGHP of the 23rd District. Also in attendance was Grand Captain of the Host, Comp.Michael D. Fazenbaker.
Thanks to all for a wonderful evening!

Landsdale No. 301 Feb 23, 2023

On Feb 23rd, the MEGHP made an Official Visit to Landsdale Chapter No. 301. The Chapter presented him with a donation to the Ronald McDonald House, among other items during his visit. Many thanks for the hospitality Companions, and keep up the good work!

Pictured are
Comp. Steven J. Cedrone, MEHP and
M.E. Comp. Jason F. Craig, MEGHP

Standing Stone Chapter No. 201

On Feb 20th, MEGHP Jason F. Craig made an Official Visit to Standing Stone Chapter No. 201. The MEGHP was accompanied by Comp. Benjamin P. Watters, DDGHP of the 16th District.
Thanks to all for a wonderful evening!

Welcome Seth Anthony

On February 17th, The MEGHP visited Perseverance Chapter No. 21 to install Comp. Seth C. Anthony as DDGHP at Large.




Comp. Seth and
Welcome to the team!

Coatesville Chapter No. 267

On February 16th, The MEGHP visited Coatesville Chapter No. 267 to install Comp. Gary L. Dukeman as DDGHP of the 3rd Capitular District.  


Comp. Gary and Welcome to the team!

Waynesburg Lodge No. 153

The MEGHP visited Waynesburg Lodge No. 153 for an appendant body presentation last evening. Pictured with M. E. Comp. Craig is  Brother Mike Larkin, WM of Waynesburg Lodge No. 153.

Zerubbabel-Duquesne Royal Arch Chapter No. 162
February Stated Meeting / Mark Master Mason Degree at Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center.



A special

to the Officers on the excellent conferral of the Mark Master Mason Degree! Thank you M.E. Companion Jason Craig, MEGHP for visiting our Chapter and attending our Degree!


 to all the candidates on receiving the honorary Mark Master Mason Degree! 


to Companion William Johnston on your appointment as Grand Royal Arch Captain!

On Feb 1st, The MEGHP made an Official Visit to Washington Chapter No. 150 for the purpose of installing Companion David E. Thumm Jr. as Grand Tiler. 


Comp. Dave,
Welcome to the team!