Photos March 2023

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Occidental Chapter No. 235

On March 13, The Grand Scribe, M.E. Comp. Keith A. Erb, traveled to Occidental Chapter No. 235 in Warren, PA to install Comp. Paul E. Yaegle, PHP as Grand Master of the Third Veil.


Comp. Paul and welcome to the team!

Newport Chapter No. 238

On March 16th, M.E. Comp. Keith A. Erb, Grand Scribe, visited Newport Chapter No. 238 to install Comp. Matthew S. Teter, PDDGHP as Grand Instructor Central.

Welcome to the team (again)
Comp. Matt!

 Doylestown Chapter No. 270

On March 14th, The MEGHP and other Grand Officers made an Official Visit to Doylestown Chapter No. 270. We had a wonderful meal and a great program by Comp. Michael T. Kogan on fencing (see the video posted a few days ago)!
The MEHP also presented the MEGHP with a check for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, as well as some very thoughtful gifts to commemorate his visit!
Companion Frank Feinberg, Secretary, was presented with an engraved pencil set commemorating his many years of service to the Chapter.
Thank you for your generosity and hospitality, Companions!

Norristown Chapter No. 190

On March 13th, the MEGHP and other Grand Officers made an Official Visit to Norristown Chapter No. 190. We had a great meeting, where the Chpatermade a donation to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.
After the meeting, the program downstairs was “The Left Ear” presented by Comp. Yasser A. Al-Khatib, PHP, which was very well received.
Many thanks for the wonderful reception and the great fellowship!

Easton Chapter

The Grand King, M.E. Comp. Eric C. Stahley traveled to Easton Chapter on March 9th to install Companion Thomas J. Beam as Grand Instructor East.
This evening was also the Official Visit of Comp. Brad R. Steigerwalt, DDGHP, who presented Comp. Michael A. Szmodis with his Certificate of Appreciation for serving as MEHP of the Chapter in 2022.
Thanks to all for a wonderful meeting!

Royal Arch Chapter No. 199.

On March 8th, the MEGHP made an Official Visit to York Royal Arch Chapter No. 199. At that visit, he assisted in the presentation of Past High Priest jewels to Companion Walter E. Goshorn, Jr. and Companion Joseph C. Reuter.
The Chapter was conferring the Mark Degree that evening, and 4 new Mark Master Masons were Marked. The Degree was conferred by Comp. Jason A. Martin.
Another great evening for Capitular Masonry!

Weidle Chapter No. 197

On March 7th, The MEGHP visited Weidle Chapter No. 197 in Lebanon.
We think the Chapter was expecting M.E. Comp. Michael W. Klinger, MEPGHP to attend with us, because they had 3 different flavors of Klondike bars waiting for us after the meeting!
Great meeting! Another fantastic Official Visit!

Berwick Bloomsburg Chapter No. 218

On March 2nd, The Most Excellent Grand High Priest, Grand King, and Grand Scribe made an Official Visit to Berwick Bloomsburg Chapter No. 218.
What a great meeting! Thanks for the hospitality, the quality root beer, and the homemade ice cream!

Tamaqua Chapter No. 177

On March 1st, the MEGHP, Grand King, and Grand Scribe made an Official Visit to Tamaqua Chapter No. 177. Two of the other Chapters in the District, Monroe Chapter and Lilly Chapter also had members visiting for the evening. Monroe Chapter attended with 5 Companions and took the Traveling Keystone back to their home Chapter with them.
The Meal and the companionship for the evening were both wonderful. Thanks to all for the hospitality, and keep up the good work!